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Learn how to HOST 
TV Commercials & Online Videos!
You want to be on television..
You want a flexible work schedule...
You want to get paid to travel....AND work from home...
You you want to get recognized...
You want to get paid incredibly well...

The 3-Hour Hosting [Online] Course
You'll learn...

"The Spokesmodel (HOST) SCULPTURE Process™"

This step-by-step strategy guides you on how to create YOURSELF as a MARKETABLE BRAND
... and set the FOUNDATION for your SUCCESSFUL CAREER
11 Training Videos   ($250 Value)

"The Spokesmodel MAJOR Skill-Development 
Boot Camp™"

In this training system you will learn all the Crucial Skills required for a Super Successful Spokesmodeling Career…and ensure your TOTAL CONFIDENCE in front of the camera.
15 Training Videos, including lessons on Teleprompter, Voice Technique, and more...
($400 Value)

"The Spokesmodel Job Generator™"

This system helps you to generate for yourself a CONTINUOUS stream of Spokesmodel work
5 Training Videos   ($475 Value)

"The SLAY the Audition Dominator™"

When you go into an audition, you’ll know exactly what to say, what to do, you’ll feel completely confident, and dominate your competition
7 Training Videos ($495 Value)

"The Supreme 
Spokesmodel Performance Blueprint™"

You’ll be able to walk on to a TV/Video Production Set, Eliminate Nerves, 
NAIL YOUR SCRIPT, Impress the Producer, and complete the job with TOTAL SUCCESS
4 Training Videos   ($375 Value)

"The Gig Multiplication Escalator™"

After completing this Module, you’ll know how to
keep Spokesmodel Jobs coming to you, helping you to progress to
Bigger Jobs, More Money, and Higher Levels of Success
6 Training Videos   ($450 Value)

The Spokesmodel Academy 

After going through this process, you will become a qualified
Professional On-Camera Spokesmodel, and receive your 
On-Camera Pro Development System Certificate. 
4 Training Videos  ($400 Value)


SEVEN Spokesmodel Virtual Workbooks

FREE: "The On-Camera Flawless Face Routine™"

How to prepare your skin for bright lights and HD Cameras, and prevent premature signs of aging. Includes Tutorial Video + Recommended Products Guide
($195 Value)   FREE

FREE: "The Spokesmodel Résumé Template™"

This résumé sets you up for success and helps you look like a professional. Companies will be exponentially more likely to hire you if your resume looks impressive. All you have to do is drop in your own information and you’re ready to go.
($200 Value)   FREE

FREE: "The Spokesmodel Home Studio Layout™"

Learn how to set up your own home studio so you can access extra Spokesmodel job opportunities, create more flexibility with your time, and make additional income.
Includes a home studio virtual tour and a list of recommended gear.
($250 Value)   FREE
In This Course, Students Discover..
  • How to Find Paid Spokesmodel Work From Home
  •  Proper Spokesmodel Voice Inflection
  •  What to Do With Your Hands, Eyes, Feet, Etc. While Presenting On-Camera...
  •  How to Eliminate Nerves While You're On Set
  •  How to Read a Teleprompter, or Memorize Your Script Like A Pro
  •  How to Find Spokesmodel Job Opportunities No One Really Knows About
  •  How to Stand Out in Auditions
  •  How to Keep Spokesmodel Work Coming
  • And Much More...
(Free Bonuses Expire in...)
  •  A company's Spokesmodel is the FACE and VOICE of their organization.
  •  Companies pay big bucks for Spokesmodels to host and represent their brand ON CAMERA and at LIVE EVENTS
  • Those who develop Spokesmodeling skills and become Professional Spokesmodels are in HIGH DEMAND.
  •  Spokesmodeling is a huge new opportunity!
is a Professional Spokesmodel  and
Founder of The Spokesmodel Academy™.
She's a former TV Host & 
Emmy Award-Winning Reporter who holds a
Master's degree in Broadcast Journalism.
The Spokesmodel Academy™ 
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